Thursday, June 08, 2006


The Left is just so confused about what to say and what to do on daily basis that even the death of a scum sucking, bottom feeding piece of amoeba feces such as Zarkawi leaves them incapable of connecting with reality. The value seeking folks at the progressive discussion board perfectly illustrate that state of moral vacuity mixed in with thorough confusion. Here are a few examples of how the mind of the vacuous left works. (Surgeon General's Warning! Reading the following without proper mental preparation may cause the following side effects: blurry vision, excessive drooling, excessive moral relativism, worshipping of windbags such as Michael Moore and Barbra Streisand, and fake support of our troops).
vic·to·ry Pronunciation: 'vik-t(&-)rE Posted by elgati on Thu Jun-08-06 09:02 PM Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural -ries Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French victorie, from Latin victoria, from victor 1 : the overcoming of an enemy or antagonist 2 : achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties n I don't see how the word applies to a targeted assassination.
Am I the only one to see the Kerry-like flip-flopping here? But there's more...
2329303, Not to make a direct comparison... Posted by BlueStateModerate on Thu Jun-08-06 09:44 PM But the assasination of Hitler would have been a huge victory for the Allies in WWII. While our cause isn't as honorable as it was then, al-Zarqawi is just as evil. These are bad guys, and every time the military takes a terrorist out, I'm going to be happy. That doesn't mean that we should be there, but since we are, I'll cheer for any victory for the US. A US victory is always greater than a victory for al-Qaeda.
Now, we may not agree with the entire premise of this post, but at least it has the merit of celebrating the fiery demise of a blood thirsty murdering bastard. But, as you might have guessed, the definition of a "bad guy" is the wrong one, according to fellow poster LynntheDem:
WE are the "bad guys" here. Posted by LynnTheDem on Thu Jun-08-06 09:57 PM It's that simple...and that horrendous.
Next thing you know, LynnTheDem is going to compare Zarkawi to Gandhi, both in thoughts and methods. And we Conservatives are supposed to be the fascists? Let us now turn our fascinated attention towards poster knight_of_the_star, who doubts that Zarkawi is eating ham slices in whatever hell any benevolent deity chose to stick him in, despite the efforts of the same BlueStateModerate who showed a promising spark of reality (see above):
2329361, He was also reported dead in November 2004 Posted by knight_of_the_star on Thu Jun-08-06 10:34 PM Which one is it? 2329410, This time. Posted by BlueStateModerate on Thu Jun-08-06 11:13 PM 2329455, I'm waiting for better proof Posted by knight_of_the_star on Fri Jun-09-06 12:13 AM Like DNA.
knight_of_the_star probably also believes that the Mossad actually did warn all the ugly evil Jews who employed at the World Trade Center not to show up for work on 9/11, and that his pillow tells him the George bush is evil while he sleeps. One word for you, buddy: Valium. It should help you relax a wee bit. Poster rocknation, proving that he has the IQ of half of his name, wonders whether the Zarkpig was actually killed a while back, then frozen, then dumped into the farm that our fighter planes took out:
2329430, Was the body checked for freezer burn? Posted by rocknation on Thu Jun-08-06 11:33 PM If Bush knew where he was all along and just waited for the most politically opportune moment to kill him, then yes, it WAS a stunt.
A theory indeed more convoluted than knight_of_the_star's. Double dose of Valium for you! I guess their most delusional thought is that they could actually come up with a valid foreign policy while unmedicated. now wonder they fight so hard for drug coverage reform: they seem to be doing them all!


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