Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Read this news snippet from the North Korean News Agency and tell me if you can blame me:
Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) -- New songs of high ideological and artistic value have been created this year to inspire the servicepersons and working people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the general onward march of the Songun revolution. The songs that laud the great Songun revolutionary guidance of Kim Jong Il touch the heartstrings of the people. The song "Indelible Footmarks" contains the ideological content that the footmarks imprinted by Kim Jong Il on the path of virgin snow and ice-covered cliff path while pushing his military jeep will remain long in the minds of the people in the efforts for building a great prosperous powerful nation. There is the song "Road to Front Associated with Comradeship". It says in an appealing melody that he continues his inspection tour of frontline units in spite of the rain or snow and shows ardent love and comradeship, sharing roast potatoes with darling soldiers on a steep mountain pass. The song "View of Snow-covered Jong Il Peak" lyrically describes that the beautiful frostwork on the trees of Jong Il Peak capped with snow in February when the people auspiciously celebrate his birthday, is the pride of Korea and the people bearing the scenery in their minds look up to and follow the great man. "Song of General Onward March of Songun Revolution" reflects the will of the soldiers and people of the DPRK to advance forward vigorously along the road of the Songun revolution, going through all trials and difficulties under the leadership of Kim Jong Il. And the song "Our Army, Our People" reflects the will of the servicepersons and people to keep the traditional beautiful trait of assisting the army and helping the people in fuller bloom. These songs also powerfully arouse the army and people to the general advance in the new year. Many other songs including "To Mother" and "What can I do for Motherland?" contain the determination of the soldiers to live a brilliant life in defence of the leader and motherland. They let the soldiers and people be aware of their mission assigned by the times.


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