Saturday, December 10, 2005


It's been a while since I've perused the Democraticunderground site. I wonder what those crazy homies are up to...
5568052, I am almost afraid to bring this up Posted by Kali on Sat Dec-10-05 09:05 PM but these fucks are so dispicable. Could they be stirring up this whole unwinnable nightmare in Iraq so that the "only" option left to settle things will be the nuclear option? What would happen if the US dropped a couple nukes?
Well, Kali, first, please learn how to spell the world "despicable". Capitalizing the first letter of a sentence would help too. Second: are you high ? You seem to be proof that dropping acid is a prerequisite to drop nukes. You see, nuclear weapons destroy large swaths of real estate, as well as everyone living there. If you drop nukes on Iraq right now, you're going to kill a whole lot of these guys: Now, I know what you think of the adult. No problem vaporizing him, right ? Now, pull all the US soldiers out of Iraq, and then drop an atomic bundle of joy on the joint. Who bites the big poop sandwich ? Them: Oh, them too: Thanks for playing, you paranoid turd!


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