Wednesday, October 19, 2005


From again (go figure...), "High Plains" (at least the first part of his name is right...), frets about how not to make law breakers sound like law breakers:
5105187, Illegals vs. undocumented workers Posted by High Plains on Wed Oct-19-05 05:09 PM Once upon a time, progressives shunned the use of "illegals" in favor of "undocumented workers." Now, at least on this board, "undocumented workers" have gone the way of the dodo-bird. Are we not falling into the old trap of using the language of the haters and fear-mongers? Should we start referring to pro-choice people as "pro-abortion" while we're at it?
In short: yes. No other comment needed, really, other than what the comrade's comrades have already posted themselves in response to that whiny, politically correct, truth twisting attempt at a post.


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