Wednesday, October 12, 2005


For those who do not know, I like taking my overstressed self to the shooting range from time to time to kill some paper. Great stress reliever. I would therefore like to introduce you to the latest member of my gun family (pic above) ; I've wanted one for a long time, ever since I was issued one of them in my Army days. The gun and father are doing well, thank you for asking. (For those wondering, it's a Bushmaster AR-15 A3 , .223/5.56mm in caliber, pretty much the same that guys and gals in the Armed Forces use). My newest baby is an addition to the following family members: A Sig-Sauer P228 in 9mm (my first baby) A Kimber Pro Carry Ten II in 45 ACP (built like a MAC truck, handles like a willing prom queen) (scroll down the linked page to see a pic) A 1935 Lee-Enfield Ishapore No. 1 MK III G.R.I. Bolt Rifle in 303 British (old, but a very good shooter, straight and true) A 1933 Enfield No2 Mk I double action revolver in 38 S&W (old again, but fun plinking gun) A 1948 Yugoslav M 48 Mauser bolt action rifle in 8mm (Very well made, still going strong)


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