Monday, September 19, 2005


Ever since 9/11, I have heard it over and over again: Muslims are not bad people (well, not all… After all, every religion has its bad apples, eh?). And yes, it is so true it was obvious even before 19 crazed Islamofascists decided to test the tensile strength of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, as well as the plowablility of a field in Shanksville, PA (forgive the apparent insensitivity of the previous sentence, but it was written with the intent of not offending some politically correct twat by saying that those 19 bastards cold-bloodedly murdered thousands of innocents, of which a sizeable number were… Muslims). Anyway, I wonder whether I am a bad American for having treated myself to this t-shirt. For those who do not speak Arabic, the word is “Kuffar”, which is actually a bad transliteration of “Kaffir”, or “he who does not believe (in Allah). ” Exactly what I’ll wear when I go see my next public execution in the main square in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (choices, choices: the adulteress or the camel thief?)


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